YouTube Titans – Artificial Intelligence Course in Bangalore for YouTubers’ (10 Days Course – 2 Hours a Day)

In YouTube Titans, you will learn incredible stuff that you need to succeed with your newly created YouTube channel and popularize the same using Artificial Intelligence (AI) Digital Marketing tools.

Who is this course actually for?

  • Anyone who wants to earn money on YouTube with a YouTube channel
  • Anyone who wants to increase their number of subscribers on YouTube
  • Anyone who wants to take their company brand to the next level by using the power of YouTube videos
  • Anyone who wants to become famous on YouTube

What you’re going to learn in the course:

  • Create amazing YouTube videos
  • Creating the best titles for you that get more subscribers and views
  • Create awesome images and thumbnails with Artificial Intelligence (Tools) (no previous experience required)
  • How to edit your videos with AI powered Video editing tools (no previous experience required).
  • Learn how to bring any video to the top of YouTube and Google search using powerful AI tools.
  • Understand YouTube Analytics to leverage for your own use
  • Understand how YouTube Annotations work
  • Leverage the power of Video Backlinks with using AI tools
  • Set up a YouTube Live Webcast and go live on YouTube and other several video platforms
  • Design your YouTube digital marketing strategy
  • Learn Editing tips to improve videos
  • Online Reputation Management (ORM) and tackling issues
  • Using audio and video  equipment for video production
  • Accessories and bonus tools to improve videos
  • Create explainer videos to upload to YouTube
  • Create 100’s of videos in minutes with the world’s most secretive trick with AI
  • Enhance any video’s original resolution to 4K (be it any standard definition video (SD) or Low Definition video (LD) )

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