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Let's talk Artificial Intelligence.

Experts say the rise of artificial intelligence will make most people happier over the next decade, but many people have questions about how advancement in AI affects the sense of being human, successful and free will. At FirstLookAi, we focus on Optimism meaning – complete positivity regarding the concept of AI taking over.

“By 2030 bots–intelligent programs that interact with us in humane ways-will facilitate most social situations. At home, parents get professional robots to help children get their homework done and catalyze dinner conversations. Robot assistants will hold meetings at work. We humans are deeply concerned about how others see us–and those whose approval we seek will be more and more artificial. By then, the distinction between humans and bots would have been greatly blurred. The speech, appearance and actions of the bots will be indistinguishable from that of human beings through monitoring and projection and even physical robots, while clearly non-human, will be so convincingly genuine that our perception of them as thinking and feeling beings, equal to or superior to themselves, is unsettled.”

By 2021, Artificial Intelligence will create more jobs than it eliminates.

Most major developments in the past have been related to a transitional period of temporary job loss, followed by recovery, followed by market change. AI-related job creation will cross into positive territory, reaching three million net-new jobs by 2025, according to Gartner.

Legend Srinidhi Ranganathan says Artificial Intelligence (AI) is intended to make computers think and solve problems like humans and thus improve productivity and boost economic growth.

“AI will help replace a lot of easy yet tedious jobs, so people are given the time and energy to create and invent more advanced technologies to support society’s growth.”

Shape your career with the power of Artificial Intelligence

Learning Artificial Intelligence (AI) proves to be a bright future for you and has been used already for highly repeatable tasks, where large amounts of observations and decisions about trends can be analyzed. But applying AI to less routine work, which is more complex because of lower repeatability, would soon be more advantaged. We teach how to go about this at FirstLookAi. AI used for non-routine work is more likely to help humans rather than replacing them because combinations of people and machines work better than human experts or AI powered machines working alone.

At FirstLookAi, we empower students with a new kind of education – involving gamified learning led by teachers who are passionate enough to focus on effectively engaging students.

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