More Amazing Web-Design Tips for 2021

More Amazing Web-Design Tips for 2021

It is necessary for every web design company and for every web designer to draw attention to the most relevant events, things and content on the website you create on behalf of a customer while designing a blog. Fortunately, there are different ways in which you can draw online users' attention. Most website designers would find it useful to simply alter the font size of the headline of the content. A sure-fire and easy way to attract attention is to set the font size relatively larger. Newspapers and advertising firms are sure to know that. This should be understood by a successful and professional web design company as well.

Attention Catching by Typography Matters

It's not exactly a new idea to use typography or varying font and font sizes to get online users' attention. However, you should know a few typography rules that are usually better followed by a web design firm before you move ahead and set your titles or headlines to 48px or even larger. Some of them are here:

Tip #1 for web design: Highlight only what is important. You should ask yourself before setting a headline for a much bigger font: is this particular part really that important? For example, if you announce a 20 per cent off sale on standard cosmetics, this will definitely arouse interest, but having your font unreasonably big will probably turn off your customers. And this is something that at all times you and your web design firm can stop.

Tip #2 for web design: For the rest of the page, use the regular font size you use. This is just plain common sense: if you type something at 24pt, then it might not look all that distinct to create a 30pt topic headline. A 16pt headline written on top of an 8pt text, however, would look enormous.

Tip #3 for web design: Set guidelines for using font sizes. As for the sort of events that should warrant an increase in the title font size, and to what degree it should be, you should have already agreed with your client. This will support you and your web design business. You can strictly follow the standard pre-determined size for the specific level of content after you have set out the schedule, even though your customer comes back to you and continues to plead with you to announce the recent cosmetic sale at 54pt.

However, note that changing the font size is not the only way you can change your web design in order to get as much exposure. It will also prove useful to play around with your font. For example, you can use various fonts in the same family to highlight important events (using Sans-Serif and switching to Serif for added emphasis). You may also change the colour to catch the attention of your viewers instantaneously. Similarly, by using the bold or italicised option to make some parts of your site stand out, you can change the weight and style of your font.

Grabbing online users' attention isn't only confined to fonts. There are also other ways of changing the web design of your site so that it gets the exposure it deserves. Some of them are here:

Tip #4 for web design: Use photos. Graphics and photographs have always been good at attracting attention. An image says, as they say, a thousand words.

Tip #5 for web design: Change your style. A very exciting way to get publicity is to fully change your layout, for as long as you come up with an interesting new one.

Tip #6 on web design: Use animations. Flat pictures tend to draw emphasis. These days, however, the web design company may have to ask you to come up with a splash page focused on animation to demonstrate the kind of pages you come up with. To the eyes of your guests, they normally make your site look more dynamic and interesting. However, be patient, as you will need to worry about site loading times beyond the stage of web design.

As mentioned above, it may be reasonably easy to attract the attention of online visitors. With these attention-catching tactics, however, it is just as possible to go way overboard. If each and every line on your page is set in red or bold face and has blinking effects, you must note that nothing in the content will stand out after all. Also, if your site's design is too complex, your online visitors will definitely note how weird, business-centred or unrealistic your site appears to be. To the frustration of your web design business, they will learn to easily ignore all the designs you make and search for another site that is more even-handed.

Best of luck on your web design endeavours.