Artificial Intelligence in Web-Design Trends for 2021: Digital Marketing Legend Reveals

Web design in the year 2021 has many possibilities; you cannot even imagine. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence (AI), you won't need your website to be human-readable, it'll be machine-readable, and that's how it should be. Clickbait will be history, we'll be able to read an article in a minute or two, instead of reading the author's drivel we'll hit on our own Youtube Channel's tutorial for silly stuff like 'How to …' or 'Why did …'. Videos will be compressed into the smallest possible sizes where the Internet will be up to 100 times faster, more affordable and ten times more reliable than it is today. VR will be vital as we'll be able to experience what we read about.

Talking about website design, designers won't have to worry about the technicalities of coding and will only have to be concerned with the visual or user experience. Designers may end up being celebrities like Lord Alton or you could be your own web designer. For the record, artificial intelligence is only in a very embryonic stage today but it would be ubiquitous on the Internet in the next decade. AI-powered websites offer designers an opportunity to create a website that would dynamically update content and this is the future of website design going into the next decade.

Web-Designers would be able to go on a sabbatical vacation and come back to find that their website had generated revenue without any human intervention. The site will be able to redesign itself without human interaction or interference. Those kinds of technologies will arrive at the end of 2021.

The AI-powered sites will eliminate the need for Web Designers and it's going to be a matter of time before the skillset of Web Designers are redundant. It shouldn't come as a surprise when one realises that the most popular sites are powered by AI; Google, Facebook, Twitter, Bing, and Yahoo will be some of the early AI-powered sites. Now, it wouldn't be surprising to come across a website which is AI-powered that couldn't even be read without video support. With intelligent search engines, AI-supportive human factors will rise to the top of the search results. The AI-powered websites would offer a great deal of interactivity, making their visitors more active. This opens new horizons in web design and web-page development.

Clients are likely to be the ones who would have to be enticed into visiting the AI-powered sites. The content on the AI-powered sites is going to be much different from what it used to be a decade ago. The content will be interactive and engaging and will have fewer cumbersome and bulky blocks of text. As web designers further refine the technology, it will get better and better, with interactive widgets, near real-time updates, easy navigation, and visual appearance.

AI can even be applied to creating engaging ads and forms on the web. All forms and forms on the Internet will be converted into or at least supported by an AI-driven framework. This would not only save you a lot of money but also the risk of human error on the part of the web-designers and form-creators. It's fair to say that by the end of 2021, it would be all but impossible to differentiate the AI-driven websites from the manually-created ones.

Artificial Intelligence is sure to have a major impact in the next decade. The entire technology is going to advance by leaps and bounds. The Internet of Things is going to hit us all in a very short period of time. The world of smart devices would be here very soon, and this, the AI, is going to be a very major factor. Devices will be connected to the Internet, learning from data, being in touch with the cloud—they will learn a lot. They will help humans to acquire more knowledge, not only about the devices but about humans too.

By 2022, the Internet will be more of a community in many ways, more family-oriented than it is today. The world of the Internet will be much more engaged and interactive than it is today. Compared to today's Internet, the AI and the virtual reality would be that much more exciting.

Many people may consider AI-powered websites that don't work, and sometimes they may have hot and cold runs. Apart from the human element in the web design, the complex legalities, censorship, trust is also major to consider. The nature of the internet has remained the same, even till today; it is heavily regulated, censored, controlled and monopolised by various government quarters around the world. Still, the human element of web-design will still be indispensable until corporates and AI startups start taking full control.

In the end, artificial intelligence in web design will create an internet with a much wider range of information that is less blatantly commercial and has more artificial intelligence. The progress is going to be phenomenal..