Artificial Intelligence Customer Support with Chatbots: The Next Big Thing in 2020

The artificial customer service intelligence is no longer just a vision of science fiction— technology such as machine learning (ML) has made it a fact. It's all reshaping from how we run our families, how we send emails, and even how we expect to order dinner tonight.

AI, like any other customer service representative, has allowed the creation of "Chatbots," automated bots that handle customer inquiries. They're making a big splash: Gartner estimates that 85% of customers ' company transactions will be automated by 2020. Despite attributes that make them as competent (in some respects, even more so) as human representatives, it is no wonder that the customer service industry is being reshaped by chatbots.

1. Customer service chatbots usually answered questions based on keywords found in customer inquiries. Including Alexa or Siri, however, these systems were unable to determine the meaning and finally gave a wrong answer.

ML and Natural Language Processing (NLP) are leveraged by modern AI technologies not only to pick keywords from a query - but also to infer meaning based on the sentence context. Such chatbots learn and adapt, and they become much quicker in solving problems with each question they answer, increasing efficiency across the board.

2. Using chatbots with your amazing human team helps you to expand the chat coverage of your business to a complete 24/7.

Notwithstanding some concern that chatbots are going to completely replace people, they can work in tandem instead. In normal business hours, people can fill the lines, so bots can take over when they shut down and go home for the evening.

3. No matter how amazing the customer service reps team is, from time to time they all have bad days. They're just upset. They're just human after all. Yes, a sophisticated AI could become a perfect representative. Bots are never upset, never have a rough day, and never say the wrong thing in front of a customer unintentionally.

Customers want quick answers to their questions and easy solutions to their issues, and CXOs are mindful that if it enhances their overall experience, they are open to the use of new technology. Business2Community reports that if the bots are properly leveraged, they will "increase the accuracy of correct responses and request analysis up to 90 percent," providing cost-effective solutions and competitive advantages.

Thus, chatbots transform businesses and offer competitive advantages to business owners. This tech is going to grow, develop and reach a definitive stage of support incredibility very soon.