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Your ultimate guide to start a startup company revealed by Marketing Legend "Srinidhi Ranganathan"
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Hiring executives and recruiters alike agree they've lately had more badly written resumes hitting their desks than ever. Attract more interview offers and make sure your CV doesn't exclude you from getting that dream job, by following these 8 main tips.
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Okay AI enthusiasts - let’s get this straight to the point. We weren’t born to rely on bots however, Elon Musk's quote is still ringing in my ears “Artificial Intelligence (AI) may pose to be Humanity's greatest danger”. This quote may herby suggests of a Terminator-Invaded future where the surge of the robots can lead to Humanity's ruin. 
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Yes – we know it – before we read further – “The truth that machines are pretty much smart and becoming smarter day by day”. Yes. Machines take in much less time to discover new opportunities and complete a job and also their functioning ability is even more greater compared to us. If Artificial Intelligence (AI) goes on to take control of the human tasks, there will certainly be a great turmoil. Additionally,...
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Whiteboard animation videos need cautious choices, many revolutionary ideas and gutsy executions. This advice will allow you to make an excellent impression in the minds of supporters and your audiences through your videos. Here are some tips to create incredible whiteboard videos:
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The artificial customer service intelligence is no longer just a vision of science fiction— technology such as machine learning (ML) has made it a fact. It's all reshaping from how we run our families, how we send emails, and even how we expect to order dinner tonight.
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