OK – This is what’ll happen if I talk to Elon Musk about Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Okay AI enthusiasts – let’s get this straight to the point. We weren’t born to rely on bots however, Elon Musk’s quote is still ringing in my ears “Artificial Intelligence (AI) may pose to be Humanity’s greatest danger”. This quote may herby suggests of a Terminator-Invaded future where the surge of the robots can lead to Humanity’s ruin.

What does he understand that we do not? What if I – Srinidhi Ranganathan talk to him as I visualise him, seated on my holographic chair – at this moment?

“Hey Elon, I was extremely interested to hear your valuable insights on AI. Exactly, how do you assume we will accomplish a degree of super-intelligence, as you call it, that stands for a danger to the human race, itself after all?”

As easy as this query is, I will most likely never ever have the utmost chance to pose the same question to Musk. Nonetheless, his selection of words when he speaks about AI does go on to provide sufficient hints to understand what his solution would certainly be, mind you. Let’s now understand the current scenario of Artificial Intelligence, for this and what it holds – for all of us at present.

It’s typically accepted that the present generation of AI is booming with new applications developed day by day and also the upcoming generation will certainly change our lifestyle as a digital era emerges. The near-term or immediate danger is that of labor force variation as a result of AI outshining human beings. If we take into consideration the commercial transformation took place over a duration of 80 years as well as the effect this carried the labor force, AI has the possible to interfere our lives – or invade for that matter. Basically every person with any kind of feeling, and even Musk, concurs with this. Consequently, Musk making use of the expression “Super-intelligence” recommends that he is worried concerning a dramatic element of AI that is yet to be gotten to. Dualists think that the mind goes beyond time. Hey dude – have you guys seen these sci-fi movies “Time Machine? or “I-Robot” or “Independence Day”?

If you have, then cool – so AI can also play to be a huge threat, which I will agree here with Musk. But, this would actually depend on the users who are going to use the power of Artificial Intelligence for the right means – instead of relying on it to do wrong deeds or tasks that are automated. I meant like creating Killer Robots. I know, you would not create one such situation.

But, remember thus AI can be an artist, a creator but also a destroyer at the same time. This mere fact I’m mulling over it now says as much, remember that.

So, I would humbly request all my students, my fans and my followers to put AI to the best use to help our society and make it a better place. Let’s push out all the negative thoughts and focus on creating more innovative products with AI that can help us achieve something in life.

So, more questions creep in my mind – could AI ever create such a transcendent experience for all of us? Could an algorithm ever fashion something so human, yet so true that will wow everyone? Can a machine know that drive to create or achieve stuff? Can an engine know that absolute necessity, that all-or-nothing ethos, like a little voice in it that would speak to itself every second and it would say: ‘I’ll die if I cannot do this, I’m nothing if I can’t do this. So I will do my best forever’?

It’s hard to tell this or uncover the mysterious AI paradox – at present for sure. But, we as humans – will one day find answers at the end of the tunnel and that revolutionary day will dawn. That very day, Srinidhi Ranganathan or Elon Musk or even you, my friend may have achieved the epitome of Super-Intelligence and who knows – you may even be reading this article seated inside a hyper-loop vehicle travelling at 1,220 km/h.

Only time will tell……….

– Marketing Legend, Srinidhi Ranganathan

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