I Followed my Dream and Started a Futuristic AI-Powered Digital Marketing Company.

Dedicated to my previous bosses’.

If you are my previous boss reading this article, I should be saying a “Heartfelt Thank You” for – you’ve put me on the right career track of my dreams.

Booooooooooooom!!!!! Let’s begin. Great that you are finally here to listen to what I’m going to say – my story simplified. After working in startup companies, SMB’s and participating in digital marketing campaigns, leading & motivating successful teams, brainstorming 1000’s of ideas to power marketing campaigns for companies to skyrocket brands, one fine day I decided to quit and make a difference to the ever-changing digital marketing brandscape. Marketing jobs without using automation are boring from a marketing expert’s perspective – right?

Literally this decision meant that I had to get ready to put a ding in the universe through some idea – like Steve Jobs says, but I wasn’t ready for this at the beginning. I had this unique thought when I saw that marketers were struggling with every task that involved consumption of time, effort and money to be invested in marketing campaigns that didn’t involve automation, sadly.

That’s when in early 2017, I thought of taking up the idea of Artificial Intelligence to be implemented as a business factor in Digital Marketing training, consulting and services. It became a dream and ignited the fire in me to achieve something. Want to know what this kind of technology will help each one of us in?

Simple, folks. You can create websites like Amazon/Netflix in minutes, high-end games like Call of Duty in a day, amazing programmed software, apps like OLA in an hour, 2D/3D Animated movies in the style of Hollywood in an hour’s time again, VFX like used in top global movies can be created in minutes. Such technology exists and many aren’t aware of it still. Ask me.

There is no graphic, video, animation, programming, development skills required for these tools to be practiced on.

All this can be done without using code, software or app development or complex game-building platforms – but just using easy tools similar to a drag and drop feature that a layman could perform. It is now possible to automate all your digital marketing funnels and leads to a open-source CRM to manage all of your marketing efforts.

Thinking that what I am conveying now is a dream or something that sounds like Star Wars from the future?

Curious still? Read an excerpt from my site www.firstlookai.com

Artificial intelligence (AI) used to be pure science fiction in the past – something that came straight out of a movie from – Back to the Future. But now Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a science fact, guys.

Imagine what if this futuristic technology is now implemented in almost every aspect of our lives. We must adjust to that technology accordingly, however.

Luckily, we’re used to pivoting, and expecting a change of any kind and we expect things to happen very quickly. The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in our marketing strategies is no different. We have to think of AI as we thought of mobile years ago.

So, What is AI and how can it be applied in business and marketing?

AI encompasses a large scope of technologies. The basic concept of AI is that it is a machine that learns to mimic human behavior.

Google has built AI into pretty much every product they have – from paid and organic search, to Gmail, to YouTube. Facebook powers all its experiences using AI, whether it’s posts that appear in the news feed or the advertising you see.

AI can be used for many things, but today I’m only focusing on what it can do for your marketing strategy and how to implement it.

Here are four ways that businesses of any size can start using AI technology in a variety of methods for marketing and others:

AI Generated Content Creation & Content Creator Sourcing

Content creation is expensive and time-consuming. But now we have access to AI tools that allow users to input data and output content.

Companies like Wordsmith and www.articoolo.com allow us to connect data and write short outlines, then they’ll generate a story in seconds. This allows for companies everywhere to scale their content production while improving the quality of the content they put out.

AI generated content is built using an NLG (natural language generation) engine. These tools make it easy to format and translate content quickly.

Not ready yet to produce content at scale with robots? No problem, folks. You can still integrate AI into your talent sourcing for writers.

Companies like Scripted connect you to freelance writers by analyzing content to find the best writer for your job. This saves you hours of work reading through content.

Basically, AI generated content creation and content creator sourcing is going to improve the quality of content. It is important to jump on board and get your content process in order before your competition moves ahead of you.

Companies like Albert.ai helps to automate your entire marketing process from A-Z.


Chatbots are copying human behavior just like any other sort of AI, but they have a specialty. Chatbots interpret consumer questions and queries. They even help them to complete orders.

There are many companies out there creating chatbots and virtual assistants to help companies keep up with the times. For instance, Apple’s Siri, Google Assistant, Amazon Echo, and others are all forms of chatbots.

Chatbots are also being created specifically to help marketers with customer service.

Facebook is particularly interested in helping brands create chatbots to improve customer service. You can access the tools they have created, called wit.ai bot engine.

For people who find this to be way too developer centered and would like other companies to build these for you, you can use tools like ChattyPeople.

Whichever tools you choose, it’s important for any company that provides customer service to start implementing chatbots now.

AI for Image and Video Tagging Automation

Anyone who has ever had to do an image audit on a large or commercial website should truly understand the value in a tool that can auto-recognize images.

When issues of image and video licensing, poor image and video tagging, and UX come into play, AI can solve our problems.

Next time you’re hit with an image audit or a need to categorize your images and video for improved UX, you should look to AI tools like Dextro or Clarifai.

You can also use tools for smart tagging. Instead of bringing in tools to review current assets, you can use Adobe Experience Manager to maintain appropriate tagging with their smart tagging features.

All of these tools will save you so much time, energy, and (in some cases) money.

Voice Search

Voice search tools, such as Amazon Echo and Google Home, will change the face of marketing forever.

We must start looking at the ways voice search will change our content, websites, and customer service options.

We have to think about how a person would ask for something instead of how they would search for it using text.

Studies suggest that query length in voice search is much longer than in text search. So focus on long-tail keywords instead of short.

We also know that language is a much greater signifier of intent. This means that as we start to use more voice search, the conversions (in theory) should be higher and the quality of leads should be better.

Voice search isn’t on its way. It’s here. Make sure your brand stays ahead of the game.


AI once sounded scary and futuristic. But it is neither. We’re entering a world where AI will be ubiquitous — smartness will be embedded into all that we create. But a bigger payoff will come when we start coming up with new kinds of intelligences in the form of apps, software and entirely new ways of thinking. It is not necessary that these new ways of thinking be greater than humans’, greater or deeper in every aspect, but in most cases, they will be simpler.

Now, we at First Look AI earn about $500 in a day – on an average leveraging AI technologies to provide services for clients globally, taking up freelancing projects, training students, corporates and entrepreneurs etc. and we are on the path to success and one day we will really put a ding in the universe – completing what I was saying before.

If you study, test, and start implementing what you know about AI into your marketing strategies now, then you’ll be able to keep up with the current trends. But, don’t let yourself get left behind. It’s only a matter of time before AI becomes the new normal and the next big thing hits. When it does, don’t worry – I will start thinking of implementing that idea too for my next venture.

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