The blog articles of the best influencer’s in the world like Neil Patel for example (, magazine features and tabloid news stories featured in Google News now talk about AI (Artificial Intelligence) as a new-age ultra-phenomenon that is going to change everything completely. This mind-blowing stuff is completely true. AI has the power to change our lives for the better and revolutionise the way we interact with the world around us.

In a recent experiment conducted by us ( for a research project, Artificial Intelligence was used to analyze 20 Facebook ‘Likes’, which then enabled the AI to study a participant and predict his/her behavior and personality. As a result, we were able to probe into the thought process of our customers. It’s true that AI will touch on every aspect of the profession, from the means by which campaigns are conceived, run and measured in real-time.

Taking the guesswork out of marketing, Artificial Intelligence tools like and is taking the world of digital marketing by storm.

Talk about Artificial Intelligence in Advertising – the entire experience will be tailored to the recipient to ensure every ad is relevant, personalized just like billboards on roadsides, designed to make your audiences ponder. They can be more focused on delivering ads to people, with less guesswork. With AI, marketers will be able to understand consumers on an intricate level. It just won’t just personalize content, in fact – it will allow consumers to provide instant feedback, ask questions about your products/services and take advantage of special offers through interaction with the AI. This is possible with the rise of chatbot creation platforms like that can be integrated in Facebook messenger platforms. Also with AI, ads can be personalized to a far greater degree and instantly delivered to users based on a qualified profile shot of their entire browsing history.

With AI ensuring ads are now precisely targeted, user engagement will improve, saving brands significant advertising revenue while ensuring higher conversion rates and eCPMs. Because firms are earning more revenue through fewer ad placements, sites can trim the number of ads to only those which are relevant to that particular user.

Human input takes a back seat – and this is truly a comical affair.

AI doesn’t have to be all-controlling. Instead, marketers will be tasked with establishing guidelines for the AI to ensure interactions with consumers remain within the appropriate brand context.

Companies are now employing big data analysts and data scientists in marketing departments to uncover insights to drive business decisions, but the introduction of AI will eventually transform the very role of humans in marketing. The difference being that whilst today the role of a CMO is to create and source content that increases brand visibility and continues to generate revenue, AI will tackle several of these responsibilities.

Office hours could become a thing of the past. Firing your graphic designers, content writers, animation specialists will be on the rise because of the technology shift toward Artificial Intelligence and this is completely impressive.

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