Artificial Intelligence (AI): Not a big threat dear, but a boon given to all

Yes – we know it – before we read further – “The truth that machines are pretty much smart and becoming smarter day by day”. Yes. Machines take in much less time to discover new opportunities and complete a job and also their functioning ability is even more greater compared to us. If Artificial Intelligence (AI) goes on to take control of the human tasks, there will certainly be a great turmoil. Additionally, if the creators of the machines which is us – go out of control or break the commands or if the tech we discover fall in the wrong hands, there could be a great deal of loss to all of us. However the bright side is that modern AI technology is a boon and leveraging it can change our lives for the better. Much – like we alter our old smart devices with the brand-new ones regularly.

So, with the development of modern technology, the needs of people will certainly increase and also with Artificial Intelligence we will certainly develop more and more AI tools as well as utilize it to the full extent of functionality.

With the power of imagination and also knowledge of technology – AI powered tools and assistants has actually stepped forward within the previous couple of years. It believes in assisting us human beings, and also there are numerous instances of it consisting of Siri, Smart autos, computer game, Google etc., which we currently are making use of in our daily lives. Hence, we can consider AI technology to be a boon.

Taking into consideration the quick development of AI and also dependence of marketers on it, some individuals think a company can be entirely run with automation and this is incredibly a true fact. When it comes to companies like to automate your marketing team, to automate your HR team – these are the gaming changing tools which are here to put a ding in the universe and bring forth a quantum shift. Nonetheless, some entrepreneurs still have wish for human knowledge to do all the automation.

AI will certainly keep making brand-new advancements on a daily basis. We could not just produce brand-new silicon chips, computer system gadgets for future, however we expand as well as produce originalities on a daily basis. 

Scientific research could not respond to numerous concerns associated with people like where the creative thinking originates from and also exactly how life produces itself. The formulas originating from the human mind are much more ingenious compared to AI.

At FirstLookAi ( which is India’s First Artificial Intelligence Powered Digital Marketing Company, we still believe that computer systems are no question an effective production of human, nonetheless they are operated on the programs developed by human beings, but we must use the technology fully to gain fruitful results. This means – we could tame AI as well as leverage it for our benefit, but, the use of AI technology and tools will set forth a benchmark in the startup sphere in the world, altogether.

To conclude with, the great little bits of AI are unbelievable, significant company titans around the world are producing overwhelming applications based upon AI catered to every industry including marketing, HR, Retail, Automobile, Construction, Real-Estate etc. These are no question wonders and also we could go on utilizing them for our future, unlike relying on traditional technology to aid in our success path. I simply can sum everything up in one sentence or even one word – perhaps. “Automation”..

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