Hiring executives and recruiters alike agree they’ve lately had more badly written resumes hitting their desks than ever. Attract more interview offers and make sure your CV doesn’t exclude you from getting that dream job, by following these 8 main tips:

1) Formatting is key

No matter how well written, the first time your CV does not get a detailed reading through- mind you. 

A resume is normally scanned in 25 seconds. Scanning is more difficult in situations where it is difficult to read, incorrectly arranged or reaches two pages. You can also make use of bullet points to grab the reader’s attention immediately in the first scan.

2) Write your resume to cater for the particular industry

Unlike advertisement and marketing professionals with a larger artistic freedom to develop their resume for those fields, a few recruiting managers from industries apart from the above will not be inspired and will be put off by distinctive resume marketing. So it is better to be conservative.

3) Highlight your skills section

Each resume section will concentrate on the job for which you are applying, and offer the right qualifications for that sector.

Think of your talents, which can be valued through these industries. This is also important. So highlight, your skills section thoroughly.

4) Forget “writing references available upon request”

It goes without saying that if requested, you can have them, so it’s a waste of time and energy to put references on a resume or write “references on request.”

5) Choose the perfect template that would reflect the industry

When applying for a creative job, try using a more innovative resume template, or using your marketable skills to create your own. Be careful to add too much flair — the curriculum vitae is still a technical text and too many decorative touches will make it tacky and hard to read

6) Downplay your gaps – especially in your work history

Gaps in your job experience give managers the wrong signals. De-emphasising these differences is in the best interest, and discussing them in person is the best thing. This proves to be applicable when you land in the interview room.

7) Tell the truth – the utter truth

The most successful lies can bring your career crashing down. So, tell only the truth to the hiring managers.

8) Networking will prove to be vital

For jobless applicants, a full-time work would be to distribute resumes. Many mid-to senior-level roles are filled by networking, so contact everybody you meet, except recruiters who are willing to promote you or share ideas, totally.

If you’ve followed all of the resume tips and tricks in our extensive resume writing guide, you won’t have to stretch the truth — your skills and expertise will all shine beautifully on their own.

All the best for your job hunting endeavours from Marketing Legend Srinidhi Ranganathan.

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