World's Best Secretive Artificial Intelligence (AI) Powered Digital Marketing Technology Tools and Videos

Explore a whole new universe of unheard tools and video tutorials - currently trending across the world taught by Marketing Legend "Srinidhi Ranganathan"

API to Bot (Secretive Tool)

Convert your podcast into an Alexa Skill instantly

Start using this World-Changing Tech in minutes with AI



Get thousands of views on LinkedIn Tonight

Skyrocket your LinkedIn reach by 500% for the first time


Immortal AI

Guide to AIDM 2021 Edition

Your ultimate guide to AI tech that will rewrite history


Electric Vision 1.0

Ready to change how we all work altogether

Welcome to the Future of Work with Legend

Future of work

Future Web 1.0

A must watch video for AI web-design students.

Get to know the characteristics of a Professional Web Designer


Startups Meet 1.0: A Special Note

The Future of Social Networking when it comes to Startups

A social network reinvented by the Legend himself

Social Media

Startups Meet 1.0: The Real guide

The ultimate guide to social media networking success

The social media network that will be hailed by everyone in future

Social Media

Google Trends: Revolution 1.0

Find out what's trending now

Uncover the Secrets related to Google Trends Worldwide

Google Trends

Writing: The Phenomenon 1.0

Welcome to the new generation of writing.

Secret Writing Tips for Working Online from Home

Writing Content

Cloud Photo Editing: Farspace

The best loved course in the field of photo editing

Extremely useful video for logo and graphic designers

Graphic Design

EndorLights 1.0

Mind-Blowing AI Tools (2021 Edition)

A few remarkable tools to awe-inspire you forever

Automation and Artificial Intelligence

Affiliates Point

Retarget users from any link you share

Ultimate Affiliate Marketing Secret leaked by Legend

Affiliate Marketing

PFP Maker (2021 Edition)

Attractive Profile Picture Creation Tool

Create an awesome profile pic for your photo

Graphic Design


Bring every design to life

A Free Prototyping Tool For Teams heavily researched by Legend

Graphic Design

XPression Camera

Give yourself a virtual makeover today

Legend will make you love your Desktop computer and Camera

virtual webcam facial


The Easiest Way to Turn your Passion into Income

A Grand Welcome to Elevate by the Legend himself

Make money online

X-Email Extractor

Instagram Email Scraper - The Tool of the Year

Collect Millions of Emails from Instagram



Find jobs while you sleep and snore

Search jobs here with the power of AI

Job searching


Marketing Legend "Srinidhi Ranganathan" at your service

Get personalized video answers for your questions

Consulting with Legend

No-Code Courses

Learn No-Code Courses for the first time in the world

"The Future of Code is No-Code". Mind it.

No Code Courses

SEO Stack

When Keyword Research becomes so easy

Your Ultimate Keyword Planner leaked by Legend

SEO Tools

Way-Back Machine

Time-Travel into the Past. Don't forget to carry your raincoat.

Search the Internet Archive fully

Time Travel

SEO Quake

Imagine if an SEO tool could do all this for free

Like an Earthquake in the digital marketing industry

SEO Tools

AI-Powered Google Analytics (GA)

The secretive tab in Google Analytics revealed by Legend

What if an AI can analyse stuff?


Ad Rager 1.0

Emerge as a victorious advertiser with the help of Legend

Delve into the new world of Google Ads

Google Ads

Ad Rager 2.0

Reshaping Adsense forever with Legend's assistance

Welcome to the Future of Advertising with Legend

Google Ads

Influencer Marketing Hub

Generate unlimited hashtags for social media

Hashtag Generation Tool Taught by Legend

Social Media

Answer the Public

Find out what people are actually asking about

Discover a goldmine of awesome content ideas

Social Media


World's Most Attractive Color Code Generator

Play with Color Codes at your convenience

Color Graphics

Better Way to Web

A Powerful Tool to generate YouTube tags to the fullest potential

Growth-Hacking for YouTube re-invented in 2021



Changing the facet of Blog Marketing and Idea Generation forever

Generate Better Blog Ideas to become a King Blogger



Music video creation at the pinaccle of passion and technology

Make your own music videos with the free videos provided


Blaster Storm Techniques

Let the Legend himself teach you influencer marketing for viral reach

Grow your business with influencer marketing

Viral Marketing

SEO Ultramosphere 2021

Your SEO ranking dreams will come to life here

These SEO tips are deemed Super by Legend Srinidhi

SEO tips


Generating ideas for blogs is now like eating a piece of cake

Kill that creative block forever, dear friend

Content Writing Automation

Google Page Ranker

Rank on Google Super-Fast in 2021

Ready to get that good old page rank on Google?

Google Rank

AI Content Writing (Ultra Edition)

Your doubts on content writing with AI will be cleared forever

Adapt to the future of content today

Content Writing Automation

Video Chronicle Masters

Legend's super-cool ideas will change your video marketing tonight

Grow your company and brand with the power of videos

YouTube video marketing

Emergence (Logo-Design Secrets)

Thanks to Legend. Logo-Design is now like eating cheese popcorn.

Say "Oh my God" to these logo-design secrets by Legend

Logo Design

High Web 1.0

Create 100 Websites in Minutes with AI

Only a minute to create 100's of websites and landing pages?


Legend Interview 1.0

Mesmerise yourself to the core by watching the interview with Legend.

Legend welcomes you to the Future of Technology this evening

Interview with Legend

Startups Meet Tribe

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Dude, it's Startups Meet.

Shoot your questions - the smart way. Here's how.

Futuristic Technologies

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in web-design

Web-designers unite here. Time to begin a revolution from this video.

Create websites in 30 seconds, dear friend. Faster than you wink.


Startups Meet: Secret VIP Pass Entry

Only 1 person allowed. We charge extra fee for pets - dear.

Explore Startups Meet with a VIP Pass gifted by the Legend.

Startups Meet

10Web (AI For Wordpress)

Wordpress developers, this is super mass video from the Legend

Artificial Intelligence Technology in Wordpress is now a reality


Speaking Resume

The world is waiting for you, Legend. Welcome to the stage.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Secrets in Resume Making


World Changes

Install Android on PC & iOS on Mac

World's Most Secretive Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Futuristic Technologies


Create a mobile app in minutes with Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Legend Rules - Forever

Mobile app

Clustershot 1.0

Unlock your Competitor's Website Creation Technologies

Get ready to get a sneak peek of your competitor's tech tools

Futuristic Technologies

Advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) in App Creation

Welcome to the new world of advanced app creation technologies

When Legend teaches advanced app creation to the heart's core

App Creation

Unlimited Money 1.0

Earn Unlimited Live Money Online Now

Your Own Money Genie that is ‘CRAZY' for all fans of Legend

Money making


Legend rules the real world of app creation

Create Apps in 30 Seconds or Less

App Creation

Rapid Champ 1.0

Nail the programming world with Java

Learning Java is now extremely easy



Turn your Selfie into a 3D Animated Photo

World's First Selfie to 3D Photo Converter

Graphic Design

Time Travel (Year 2077)

Legend "Srinidhi Ranganathan" Time Travels into the Future using AI

Welcome to the Year 2077

Time Travel


World's First Voice-to-Code Software

Now You Can Code with Your Voice thanks to Legend


Future Lights 1.0

Legend reveals the Gadgets of the Future

Welcome to the Future of Technology


AI Web Tools 1.0

Legend reveals 2021 AI tools and beyond

The Future welcomes you to learn AI



Let AI Tools convert any type of content into audio

Turn Content into Audio using AI

Futuristic Technologies

Canva Video Making

Learn to create beautiful videos with Canva

Canva Rules the World

Graphic Design


World's first incredible mockup cloud tool

Creating Mockups was never this easy, guys !

Futuristic Technologies