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We do not just necessarily provide our learners with great knowledge and experiences. We help them to explode their career life to find new futuristic opportunities that they haven’t even visualised in their dreams.

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India's Most Innovative Educational Training Centre

We are the most innovative and extremely futuristic training centre based in Bangalore, India. We have trained over 2,00,000+ students on Udemy online platform globally and a further 350+ students in the live classroom session.

FirstLookAi is the dream company of “Srinidhi Ranganathan”. Srinidhi is a Technologist, Digital Marketing Coach, Author and Video Creation Specialist who has worked with top companies in India. He has facilitated digital marketing analysis and provided state-of-the-art marketing strategy ideas and tactical execution plan for the world’s best marketing companies including startups, SMB’s and MNC’s. This includes strategic brainstorming sessions, market analysis, market research related to digital performance, support of various marketing initiatives for new product and consumer promotional launches etc.

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FirstLookAi is the only educational centre in India where you will learn impossible and incredible lessons from the world’s most unique courses offered.

Srinidhi Ranganathan – the head trainer and the CEO of FirstLookAi enlightens students with his 8-10 years of research in the field of Artificial Intelligence, Digital Marketing, Animation, Content Creation etc. in the form of courses containing profound secrets. These secrets are unknown to even SME’s (Small Medium Enterprises) and even MNC’s (Multi-National Companies) across the world.

Self Development

At FirstLookAi, we believe that knowledge-sharing must happen everywhere and we care about what students learn. We go the extra mile to support students like you to completely transform your lives with special skills we teach hands-on. After leaving FirstLookAi, you will feel enriched that you have swam across an entire ocean. A vast ocean of unlimited learning…

Sheer Brilliance

The FirstLookAi learning experience is something you haven’t even stumbled across in your dreams – frankly speaking. Apart from your academic courses, you can level up with learning innovative courses from FirstLookAi – especially (Artificial Intelligence based ones). These courses will help you to work with digital robots to speed up the processes. Whether you are looking for a job, work as a freelancer or want to establish your own startup – our innovative courses come to your rescue.

For the First Time in India,

Introducing Quantum Recall Technology

If you’re anxious and stressed about or a slow learner for that matter… well, anything, you’ll have a hard time to focus on AI courses in the classes. This is because the anxiety you’re feeling is feeding the Beta state of your brain, to be precise. The tools we teach in the courses may seem to be moving too quickly and information can’t be absorbed or retained if you are a slow learner. When this happens, your brain tries to move itself into the Theta state. Keep that in mind. The result is a weary mind that can’t learn process new information or retain. Students face all of these problems normally in classrooms and colleges in the country and in the world – unless each one of us is born an Einstein.

To focus, your brain needs to be in between these two extremes. Quantum Recall Technology from Firstlookai works this way. We provide a headphone to the student in the classroom classes we conduct that would play quantum music or sounds. These are imaginary beats your brain makes up when it is presented with two different frequencies in each ear. For example, if you hear 410hz in one ear and 400hz in the other, your brain will actually create the 10hz to make up the difference. When it does so this way, the rest of your brain syncs up with that frequency. Once you put your headphones in and listen to the track, you’ll probably hear soothing music that helps you retain and recall whatever is taught in the classes. The frequencies that create the binaural beat don’t have any real sound, so soothing music is often added to the frequency to make the experience more enjoyable and help you gain concentration.

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